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Claiming His Defiant Miss, Book #3 May 2017: When danger stalks May Worth, bodyguard Liam Casek is there to protect her, but who will protect her from him?

Wallflowers to Wives is here! 
The new series is here! 4 young women who have been passed over the ton's eligible bachelors year after year, band together to form the Left Behind Girls Club, with the motto: Nothing will change until you do. Let me whet your appetite with a look at the first 2 of 4 books in the series.

It isn't that Society has overlooked these girls with their unique approach to life, as much as it is that these girls have let society overlook them. They will be overlooked no more. Each girl harnesses their talents to win the man of their dreams.
Book #1 July 2016 Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss features the polyglot, Claire Welton, and her longstanding crush on Jonathon Lashley. Will her ability to speak French be the saving of him or the ruination?

Book #2 October 2016 Evie's story. Evie's looking for love in the all wrong places. For years she's been infatuated with her neighbor next door, who turns out to be far more shallow and far more arrogant than she expected. Enter, the dazzling Dimitri Petrovich, Prince of Kuban, the least likely sort of man to ever look her quiet way, but when he does...

Book #2 in the Rake's on Tour Series, August 2015  
Book #3 Rakes on Tour, Jan. 2016
June 2015, marks the release of my new Rakes on Tour series for Harlequin  http://www.harlequin.com/storeitem.html;jsessionid=E527109B7934C25452A63C83E3C8A433?iid=59225&cid=
Book #4 Rakes on Tour finale!  March 2016http://www.harlequin.com/storeitem.html?iid=63421

Jonathon must choose: love or success?

Romantic Times Magazine declares "Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss "      Another Scott Triumph!                        
                     4 Stars 
Dimitri must choose : a crown or his heart.
Liam must choose: his past or their future?