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The Rakes on Tour Series is here!!
June 1, 2015 Rake Most Likely to Rebel 
Aug. 1, 2015 Rake Most Likely to Thrill

I am so excited about this series! I'd been wanting to do a Grand Tour series for awhile and here it is. The series focuses on four friends who set out on a Grand Tour, their last hurrah before settling down to do their duties but the tour has some surprises in store for them. 
Book #1 is set in Paris, the traditional first stop on the tour. This is Haviland North's story as he finds love in his pursuit of fencing excellence. Set against the backdrop of Paris's renown fencing schools of the 1830s, Romantic Times Magazine gives  Rake most likely to Rebel four stars

Book #2 is Archer Crawford's story and it's set in Siena, Italy where Archer has ambitions to compete in the annual Palio, one of Europe's most dangerous horse races.

Book #3 is  Nolan Gray's story: Most likely to Seduce, set in Venice against the backdrop of Carnevale

Book #4 is Brennan Carr's story: Rake Most Likely to Sin, set in Greece. Stay tuned for more as our tour progresses.

Book #1 in the new series, Rakes of
      the Caribbean  Jan. 2015 
Book #2 Rakes of the Caribbean Feb. 2015
June 2015, marks the release of my new Reckless Rakes series for Harper Collins